How To Use the Curriculum

Recommended Usage

We recommend you use the entire curriculum, viagra sales but we also realize that many instructors may just need one module such as Biofuels in Agriculture, Solar in Agriculture, etc. The modules are set up to be used in succession, however you can modify them to fit your needs. You can mix and match any of these modules to make up your own curriculum if you wish. Some instructors may want to package the modules for use in an online course, but keep in mind these modules were developed for a F2F (face to face) live course.  You would need to modify the files to make them effective in an online course through the use of voice over narrations, animations, and other interactions such as online discussions.

System Requirements

  • Projector
  • PowerPoint 2007 or greater
  • Mac or PC
  • High speed internet

What you get

Your download will consist of a .zip file.  Simply extract it to reveal the Module folder.  Each Module you download will have the same format.  It will include the Module Syllabus, PowerPoint Presentation, and a Student Handouts folder.

Module folder







[su_spoiler title="Module Syllabus" style="fancy"]

Each module has a "Syllabus" or lesson overview for instructors.  Contained here are the module goals, learning objectives, and recommended assessment strategies.  It is highly recommended you read this document prior to teaching.

Module Information

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Student Handouts" style="fancy"]

The student handouts are recommended for instructors to give to their students, however it is not required.  They may be referenced in the slides or slide notes. You just need to go to the Module folder and look in the "Student Handouts" folder to get them.

Student handouts


[su_spoiler title="Assessment, Assignments, and Projects" style="fancy"]

Also located in the Student Handouts folder are pre-made assessment tools for each module.  We highly recommend you use these!

Assessments and Projects



How to Use the Presentations

[su_spoiler title="Instructor Notes" style="fancy"]
Look for the notes!  We included them to help instructors who may not be fully versed on the subject matter.


Instructor notes on some slides


[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Links in the Presentations" style="fancy"]
The links in BLUE will take you to an external website.


Links take you to an external site

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Embedded Videos" style="fancy"]
Roll your mouse over the video to see the Play Bar.


Roll over the videos to see the play bar

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Running the Presentation in Presenter View" style="fancy"]
Use Presenter Mode if you want to see the Instructor Notes while you are teaching to your class!  From the PowerPoint menu, choose "Slide Show>Presenter View".



For More Information

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