Module 7: Geothermal for Agriculture

Learning Module Information

  • Estimated Lecture Hours: 3
  • Lab Hours: Discussion and group activity prompts within the presentation may account for an hour or so of the class.
  • Format: PowerPoint

 Learning Objectives

  • Define geothermal energy and discuss its characteristics as a renewable energy source.
  • Describe the geophysical sources of geothermal energy and compare methods of   extracting/exchanging heat from these sources.
  • Distinguish between geothermal electrical production, buy direct-use and heat pump technologies and explain the basic processes involved with each.
  • Discuss basic components and installation of geothermal heat pump systems.
  • Illustrate potential applications for geothermal energy in agriculture.
  • Identify energy/cost savings available for farms by geothermal systems.
  • Appraise a region’s geothermal potential and identify applicable financial incentives.
  • Design a basic geothermal system with the use of on-line project development tools and evaluate the energy-savings potential of the proposed system.

Topics Covered

  • Geothermal overview
  • Sources of geothermal
  • Geothermal energy production
  • Components of geothermal systems
  • Potential applications of geothermal
  • Cost/Savings using geothermal energy
  • Basic geothermal design
  • Summary
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Common Core State Standards

Agribusiness Systems Career Pathway Content Standards

  • ABS.01
  • ABS.02
  • ABS.03

Animal System Career Pathways Content Standards

  • AS.02

Biotechnology Systems Career Pathway Content Standards

  • BS.01
  • BS.02
  • BS.03

College & Career Readiness-Anchor Speaking & Listening

  • CCRA.SL.1
  • CCRA.SL.2
  • CCRA.SL.4
  • CCRA.SL.6

LifeKnowledge and Cluster Skills Content Standards

  • CS.04
  • CS.05
  • CS.09

Environmental Service System Career Pathway Content Standards

  • ESS.01
  • ESS.03

Natural Resources Systems Career Pathway Content Standards

  • NRS.01
  • NRS.02
  • NRS.04
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