Module 11: Intro to Bioenergy

Learning Module Information

  • Estimated Lecture Hours: 2
  • Lab Hours: 1
  • Format: PowerPoint

 Learning Objectives

  • List biomass resources produced on farms.
  • Explain the carbon neutrality potential of biomass and how this compares to using fossil fuels for energy. (carbon balance, there net-energy returns)
  • Discuss the significance and potential of the bioenergy economy to agriculture.
  • Illustrate how direct combustion, sovaldi transesterification and anaerobic digestion can be used to provide on-farm energy needs.
  • Identify the process used to make ethanol and the significance of this industry to agriculture.
  • Identify the need for more efficient feedstocks and energy conversion processes (advanced biofuels).

Topics Covered

  • Biomass
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Bioenergy conversion
  • Fermentation process
  • Introduction to Ethanol
  • Pros and Cons of Bioenergy
  • Ongoing research
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Common Core State Standards

Agribusiness Systems Career Pathway Content Standards

  • ABS.01
  • ABS.02
  • ABS.03
  • ABS.04
  • ABS.05
  • ABS.06

Animal System Career Pathways Content Standards

  • AS.01
  • AS.02
  • AS.03
  • AS.04

Biotechnology Systems Career Pathway Content Standards

  • BS.01

College & Career Readiness-Anchor Language

  • CCRA.L.2
  • CCRA.L.3
  • CCRA.L.4

College & Career Readiness-Anchor Reading

  • CCRA.R.1
  • CCRA.R.2
  • CCRA.R.3

College & Career Readiness-Anchor Speaking & Listening

  • CCRA.SL.1
  • CCRA.SL.2
  • CCRA.SL.4

College & Career Readiness-Anchor Writing

  • CCRA.W.1
  • CCRA.W.2
  • CCRA.W.4
  • CCRA.W.5

LifeKnowledge and Cluster Skills Content Standards

  • CS.04
  • CS.05
  • CS.06

Environmental Service System Career Pathway Content Standards

  • ESS.01
  • ESS.02

Food Products and Processing Systems Career Pathway Content Standards

  • FPP.01
  • FPP.02

Natural Resources Systems Career Pathway Content Standards

  • NRS.01
  • NRS.02
  • NRS.03

  • PS.01
  • PS.02
  • PS.03

English Language Arts Standards-Science and Technical Subjects

  • RST.11-12.1
  • RST.11-12.10
  • RST.11-12.2
  • RST.11-12.3
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