Agricultural Energy teaching materials for instructors. Focused on harvesting energy from farms while considering cost and efficiency. Suited for High School and Higher Education...and completely FREE.

Ag Energy Webinar Series

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and Iowa State University host a series of FREE webinars on integrating the latest research on energy into the classroom.

You can watch past recordings by clicking the button to the right.

Instructor Centered Design

Agricultural energy curriculum is hard to find. We created the most comprehensive set of learning modules all in one place.

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  • Complete Curriculum

    100% Free. No strings attached. Simply download any ag energy module you need for use in your classroom and start teaching. If you need an entire semester of material, download the full course. Modify the files as you wish to suit your program.

  • Factual and Unbiased

    The curriculum you find here is based on facts and practical usage of energy and cost saving techniques on farms. You will not find biased information toward one type of energy over the other.

  • Instructor Certified

    We worked with several subject matter experts in ag energy to create these modules. This curriculum does not cut any corners, but it gives you clear and concise instruction for use in your classroom.

Featured Energy Modules

Simply choose an agricultural energy sector and download it for use in your classroom.

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